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Will ultrasonic scalpel be harmful to skin

In our life, we can see all kinds of cosmetics on the dressing table of female friends. From here, we can see the importance women attach to their face. There are always many bottles of cosmetics and skin care products on that table. But these things can’t keep the years. Women are surprised that the female star on the screen has the same age as herself, but her face is as tender as a girl, and she is called a goddess. In fact, many female stars have done ultrasonic scalpels. So, will doing ultrasonic scalpels be harmful to the skin?

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Will ultrasonic scalpel be harmful to skin

Under normal circumstances, after the ultrasonic knife is finished, there will be a short-term skin redness. Generally, ice compress for one or two hours can subside, and there will be no fever and pain on your face. However, if the energy used in the operation is too high, the scar on the face will be difficult to subside and burn marks will be left. In addition, although many medical institutions publicize the good effect of ultrasonic scalpel, only the truly original imported equipment will have relatively high safety, but some private hospitals use fake ultrasonic scalpels, which can not be guaranteed in terms of safety.

What are the advantages of ultrasonic scalpel therapy

  1. It can effectively stimulate the regeneration of collagen. Ultrasonic knife skin pulling can effectively stimulate the excellent temperature of 68-72 degrees in the dermis, stimulate the proliferation of collagen, and tighten and shape the facial skin.
  2. Tighten the skin at one time, pull the skin with ultrasonic knife, and one treatment can effectively improve the loose skin and deeply stimulate the regeneration of collagen, so as to reconstruct the tough and powerful support network.
  3. The treatment is safer and more comfortable. The ultrasonic knife skin pulling treatment can improve the loose skin from inside to outside. The physical tension treatment is minimally invasive, no pain, no burning feeling, and more comfortable and reliable.

Is the effect of ultrasonic knife good

The ultrasonic scalpel can tighten the loose skin, such as bags under the eyes, legal lines, corners of the mouth lines, double chins, drooping eyelids, aging neck and other problems, which can be solved by the ultrasonic scalpel, restore skin elasticity, tighten the contour, and improve wrinkles, firmness and cheek lifting in a gradual way. Ultrasonic scalpel has no damage to the epidermis and will not damage the function of skin barrier. It can be said that it is non-invasive to the skin, so sensitive muscles can also be treated with ultrasonic scalpel.

However, the ultrasonic knife is not once and for all. Generally, the effect can last for about two years. If the daily maintenance is in place, the effect can last for 3-5 years. Since the ultrasonic scalpel needs manual operation, the treatment effect will be affected by the operator’s operation technology. It is recommended to seek experienced doctors for treatment.