Will the face get fatter and fatter after a month?

Seriously, in fact, ultrasonic scalpel is a non-surgical, non-invasive medical anti-aging instrument. The high-energy focused ultrasound acts on the SMAS fascia layer of the face to tighten the skin and delay aging under the action of heat. To put it bluntly, our fascia layer will become loose and lose support with age, just like falling asleep. Through the high-energy focusing of the ultrasonic knife, the ultrasonic can penetrate layers of tissue, reach the SMAS fascia layer, and convert the ultrasonic into 60 degrees of heat to wake up the aging tissue. When the SMAS fascia layer is branched, the skin will naturally be more compact ~ and hot Maggie, although you can’t guess what to do by listening to the name, you can’t question its anti-aging effect ~ its principle is to reach the dermis through RF, heat the dermal collagen fiber to about 50 degrees, and stimulate collagen regeneration to achieve the effect of tightening and anti wrinkle.

What level can it play? The ultrasonic scalpel has 3 guns, 4.5mm, 3.0mm and 1.5mm respectively. 4.5mm can directly reach the fascia layer to awaken the deep tissue, 3.0mm can reach the dermis to stimulate the regeneration of collagen, while 1.5mm has a shallow scope of action and relatively few applications; Hot Maggie can reach the dermis under 3.0mm of the skin at most. However, no matter how deep it is, it can safely act on the level it should reach without damaging other parts.

Strictly speaking, any kind of micro beauty will bring some adverse effects, and ultrasonic knife is no exception. Ultrasonic scalpel is a physical way of beauty. Using the principle of ultrasonic heat accumulation, in the process of surgery, 75 ° high temperature will first destroy the skin surface and damage the cells and tissues in the epidermal layer. When our cells are damaged, the intelligent repair in the body will start to promote the regeneration of a large number of collagen. However, with the growth of age and over 30 years old, there is little collagen in the body, and collagen and hyaluronic acid decline rapidly. If due to their lack of nutrition, there will be failure of postoperative skin cell regeneration, atrophic injury, unbalanced skin nutrition, uneven concavity and concavity, collapse of subcutaneous nerves and skin, dark skin color, stiffness and other adverse phenomena. In order to avoid this side effect, it is very important to supplement nutrition research essence before and after operation. Partners who want to be ultrasonic scalpels must fully communicate with their attending doctors before operation. They can take oral nutrition research essence to do a good job in preoperative nutrition reserve. Only with sufficient nutrition in the body can the side effects of ultrasonic scalpel be minimized, and the operation effect can be delayed for 3 ~ 5 years.

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