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What is ultrasonic knife cosmetic plastic surgery? Can you sit still after watching his effect?

It is a kind of beauty project without surgery and bleeding. Using its own “ultrasound”, the high heat energy of 65 to 75 degrees passes through the skin surface to the fascia layer, and then the high temperature stimulates the fascia contraction to produce fibroblast cells to secrete collagen, so as to make our loose and relaxed skin achieve the effect of lifting and tightening.

What we don’t know is that in order to prevent the high temperature of 65 to 75 degrees of the ultrasonic knife from damaging the subcutaneous fine cell tissue structure passed by the “ultrasound” when reaching the preset fascia layer, and the water in the skin from being evaporated, it is necessary to use (acmet-a) cell source repair cause son reserve before and after operation,

Meet the water demand of the skin before the ultrasonic knife, and then send the surplus water to the skin 3318 microns for storage. After the ultrasonic knife cosmetic treatment, it will be continuously transported to the tissue of each layer of the skin, and repair the corresponding damaged tissue structure with high efficiency, so that the divided fibroblasts can get the required operation and maintenance in a short time and produce healthy collagen, To prevent dry skin, red swelling, collapse and other side – effects after ultrasonic knife.

According to who data, the repair of damage and injury of any system in the human body leaves the repair and restoration of cell repair elements. Fine cell is the basic unit of life activities. All metabolic activities are based on fine cell. All life activities are based on fine cell. No matter digestion or absorption, they are inseparable from fine cell. Acmet-a technology is not only a way for cells to obtain camp, nourishment, material and quality, but also an important means for the body to protect itself and resist, resist, invade and harm.

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