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What is the root cause of side effects after ultrasonic knife beauty?

When a problem is presented, it is necessary to face it. It is useless to shirk and escape. In fact, in order to have a good effect and low reaction, preoperative supplement and postoperative repair are very important! In fact, from the principle of ultrasonic scalpel, the reaction is mainly due to the fragile and slender protein fiber network in the deep dermis before ultrasonic scalpel, and there is not enough research essence to supply ultrasonic scalpel for activation. Therefore, it will damage the muscle base structure and form quite serious results. In order to basically reduce the probability of ultrasonic knife reaction, it is necessary to ensure the filling of protein fiber network and protein fullness!

After the ultrasonic knife is finished, you can see about 20% of the effect. After 1 ~ 3 months, the effect will gradually improve. Therefore, we can see that most breakups can only achieve 20% of the effect, and 80% of the effect should be achieved through your postoperative maintenance! Generally speaking, ultrasonic scalpel can maintain the effect for 1 ~ 2 years, but good postoperative maintenance can extend this effect to 3 ~ 5 years!

Why can postoperative maintenance have such a great effect?

This is because the ultrasonic scalpel is actually only an auxiliary. What really works is your own repair. The real effect comes from the postoperative repair process. After ultrasonic scalpel surgery, there will be a climax of repair and rebirth, which will last for about 3 months.

During this period of time, because the newborn speed of the skin is much higher than usual, the raw materials needed are several times higher than usual! Therefore, it is necessary to supplement a large amount of refined nutrients to provide skin repair. The self repair effect in the next few months after ultrasonic scalpel surgery will really determine the result! According to who data, the damage repair of any human system leaves the repair of cell repair elements. Fine cell is the basic unit of life activities. All metabolic activities are based on fine cell. All life activities are based on fine cell. No matter digestion or absorption, they are inseparable from fine cell. Yanyi jingkesu technology is the basis of cell-cell life activities. It takes 23 cell-cell energies as the driving force to improve the regulation and repair.

Precautions before and after ultrasonic knife beauty surgery! 1. Keep the skin and hair clean before operation. Do not make up on the day after operation. The previous make-up must be removed. 2. Please do not wash your face with hot water within three days, and pay attention to replenishment. It is recommended that no more than 2 times a week mask! 3. Don’t eat soy sauce and other things with heavy pigment, don’t drink or eat pepper, and pay attention to rest. 4. Ultrasonic knife should not go to high-temperature sauna, yoga and other high-temperature environments within 1 month after operation, and should not be exposed to the sun. 5. It is recommended to supplement skin nutrients such as refined nutrients and hyaluronic acid between 3 and 6 months. The dosage shall be supplemented according to the skin rehabilitation under the guidance of the consultant.

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