What is the principle and efficacy of full face ultrasound knife?

In this era of looking at the face, cosmetic surgery is no longer the news that catches the eye. Appropriate cosmetic surgery can not only make up for some appearance defects, but also make people more confident, so as to make people’s life happier and improve their quality of life. So what is the principle and efficacy of the popular full face ultrasound knife?

Ultrasonic scalpel comes from Europe and America. It is an internal and external beauty and physiotherapy operation. One is to stimulate the skin surface through external ultrasonic scalpel instrument, and start the development of new skin tissue by destroying the old skin structure. To achieve the perfect effect of ultrasound knife beauty, ultrasound needs to pass through the skin surface – enter the dermis – transfer to the fascia – balance the burned cells. The second is to supplement nutrition in vivo through oral administration of Yanyi Jingke multi-stage kinetic peptide, so as to provide necessary nutrition for newborn skin, and intelligently repair and prevent abnormal tissue formation.

Principle of ultrasonic knife:

It uses the focal point to penetrate the skin layer 3.0-4.5mm, that is, the SMAS layer, to produce thermal coagulation, determine that the heat evenly burns and destroys the skin structure in the skin tissue fiber layer, and the damaged structure will start the growth process of new skin tissue, so as to bring the renewal of the skin. Play a lifting and tightening effect, achieve the effect of fascia suspension and skin pulling, and then accurately improve the subcutaneous structure supporting the skin from deep to shallow. In addition, the aging collagen shrinks, stimulates the proliferation and reorganization of collagen, and restores the elasticity of the skin.

What facial problems can ultrasonic scalpel improve

① Improve facial fine lines, relaxation, unclear chin neck angle and canthus ptosis.

② Tighten the skin tissue of the forehead and improve the eyebrow line

③ Eliminate wrinkles around eyes and forehead

④ Shrink pores and acne scars

⑤ Remove double chin and improve chin line

⑥ Improve nasolabial folds and remove splayed lines

⑦ Remove neck wrinkles and prevent neck skin aging

⑧ Tighten and lift the cheek skin, clear the facial contour,

⑨ Restore skin elasticity and improve skin texture, complexion and elasticity.

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