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What is the effect of ultrasonic knife in removing legal lines

We will all grow up, and we are not so happy when we grow up, because troubles also follow. Our troubles are legal lines, which are formed by the relaxation and sagging of the skin on both sides of our face, making you no longer look young. Therefore, beauty lovers want to remove legal lines. Ultrasonic scalpel is a very excellent non-surgical non-invasive wrinkle removal and skin firming technology, which can quickly restore young appearance. So, what is the effect of ultrasonic knife in removing legal lines?

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Can ultrasonic scalpel remove legal marks

The appearance of legal wrinkles is the result of skin aging and relaxation. In the final analysis, the aging and relaxation of skin is caused by the loss of collagen. Therefore, ultrasonic knife can remove legal wrinkles. By lifting the SMAS fascia layer and stimulating the regeneration and reorganization of a large amount of collagen, the skin can restore elasticity and achieve the effect of removing legal wrinkles.

Ultrasonic knife has the following advantages

  1. Fine and accurate positioning. The ultrasonic scalpel is used to remove the legal stria. The focused ultrasonic energy is used to accurately locate the SMAS fascia layer without damaging the surrounding tissues.
  2. The process is comfortable. The energy of ultrasonic scalpel in the process of removing legal marks is as high as 65 ~ 72 ℃, which greatly stimulates the regeneration of collagen. The energy directly passes through the epidermis without heating the epidermis, which is comfortable and painless.
  3. The effect is lasting. Ultrasonic scalpel can be effective in removing legal lines once treatment. Collagen regeneration lasts for 3 ~ 6 months, and the effect of wrinkle removal and skin firming is more obvious, which can last for 3 ~ 5 years.

What should we pay attention to in ultrasonic knife nursing

  1. Do not use fruit acid products before and after treatment. If you have ever implemented gold pull wire, implant prosthesis, injection filler, etc. on your face, you need to inform the doctor before operation.
  2. Ultrasound scalpels are not recommended for pregnant women, open wounds or people with severe acne.
  3. After the ultrasonic knife is finished, do not go in and out of high-temperature places and do not expose to the sun.
  4. One or two hours after the ultrasonic knife is finished, the skin may be slightly reddish, which is a normal phenomenon and is only temporary. It needs to be hydrated and moisturized in time and make up as little as possible.