What factors affect the maintenance time of ultrasonic scalpel

Ultrasonic knife is no stranger to those who pursue beauty. Generally speaking, the effect can last for about 3 years. Moreover, if properly maintained, some people can last up to five years. So, what factors will affect the maintenance time of ultrasonic scalpel?

What factors will affect the maintenance time of ultrasonic scalpel

What factors will affect the maintenance time of ultrasonic scalpel

There are certain precautions for ultrasonic scalpel, such as no access to high-temperature places after operation, or no sunshine exposure, etc. if these precautions are not observed, it will have a certain impact on the effect and shorten the maintenance time. The work of skin beautification has never been accomplished overnight, but should be accumulated slowly. Just because you are young after ultrasonic knife treatment doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything about skin care. Do a good job in basic skin care, take care of the skin and keep it in a better state. On the basis of doing a good job of ultrasonic knife, and then do a good job of basic skin care, you will naturally be younger.

How to care after wrinkle removal with ultrasonic knife

Three months after operation, collagen was taken orally every day. After receiving treatment, the body is in urgent need of nutritional supply. Within one month, the body reacts (immediate collagen contraction). The separation of water molecules from collagen immediately produces a tightening reaction of collagen, and the contraction of dermal fiber septum immediately produces a sculpting and tightening effect.

In the second and third months after operation, the body should ensure the continuous supply of nutrition in the later stage of treatment. Tissue healing reaction (stimulating fibroblasts to regenerate a large amount of collagen). One to three months after treatment, I feel the therapeutic effect of continuous regeneration and reorganization of collagen, lifting, tightening, weakening fine lines and improving skin defects is more and more obvious day by day. After standardized maintenance and care, the repair can be completed in about six months.

Some smart women know how to love themselves more. After making the ultrasonic knife, they further use photon Rejuvenation or water light needle