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What are the side effects of ultrasonic knife?

I believe many people have a certain understanding of ultrasonic scalpel, but many people don’t understand why such a beautiful ultrasonic scalpel will present so many side effects? In fact, in the final analysis, ultrasound knife beauty presents serious side effects, not because the ultrasound knife beauty is not good enough, but because you have problems. Now let’s explore the problems!

Side effects of ultrasonic scalpel

The ultrasonic knife acts on the deep fascia layer (SMAs) of the skin at a high temperature of 60-70 ° C, and stimulates the body’s own healing and repair by slightly burning the deep subcutaneous tissue. When there is a wound in the body, its repair will start. Various nutrients such as hyaluronic acid and yanyijingke nutrients gather in the wound to accelerate wound repair. However, with the increase of age, the human skin is completely relaxed and separated from the fascia layer, and the subcutaneous cellular nutrition and hyaluronic acid content will be seriously lacking. Therefore, the high temperature of ultrasonic 60-70 ° C will directly necrosis and solidify the skin, resulting in welding. Welding the skin to the fascia layer may cause facial burns, dry skin, pigmentation, unevenness, subcutaneous nerves, skin collapse, stiffness Short effective time and other undesirable phenomena.

Beauty hazards of ultrasonic knife I: redness, swelling, blistering

It shows blistering phenomenon, which is generally due to unskilled medical and biological techniques, the probe of ultrasonic knife stays in a partial position for a long time, and skin blistering, redness and swelling are formed after a long time of high temperature.

Beauty hazards of ultrasonic knife II: skin scald erythema!

The reason for this phenomenon is that the cuticle and collagen fibril layer of the skin are destroyed in the process, and the water locking ability of the skin becomes worse. At the same time, part of the high temperature will volatilize the water. At this time, self-developed Jingke nutrient will quickly repair the protein fiber network and restore the normal microenvironment in the body. Generally, it will heal in about a week, but if the nutrient source is insufficient, it will be too late to repair, Pigmentation occurs. It usually takes 6-9 months for the pigment to subside. If it is serious, it will form scars!

Ultrasonic knife beauty harm 3: no effect!

First finish the ultrasonic knife. It doesn’t have an effect immediately. The effect will gradually come out in 3-6 months. However, if you don’t have enough essence in your body, the regeneration of fine cells is not high, which has a great impact on the effect. As a result, some dry skin with cortical protein fiber network shows dry face and depression after the ultrasonic knife is completed. Therefore, the ultrasonic knife project must not be done directly without any preparation. We must first raise our skin and replenish cellular nutrition in advance. In this way, even if the effect of the ultrasonic knife is presented, It can also prevent negative effects to the greatest extent.

Beauty hazards of ultrasonic knife 4: collapse, unevenness and cortical necrosis.

There are two possibilities for the formation of this phenomenon. One is the problem of instrument and technology. The other is the lack of nutrition for cell regeneration in the subject’s body and the lack of nutritional content of Yanyi essence, resulting in uncontrolled postoperative repair, collapse and unevenness, which seriously leads to cortical necrosis. Because it needs a thick defense layer to resist the negative effect of the ultrasonic knife on the bottom layer of the skin and prolong the time of the ultrasonic knife.

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