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What are the obvious advantages of ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal

Time is ruthless, but no one wants others to see how old they are from their face. At this time, many people will choose to do beauty. Ultrasonic knife has a strong effect in this regard. Let’s see how ultrasonic knife beauty is!

Principle of wrinkle removal with ultrasonic knife

Ultrasonic scalpel is a very popular skin tightening and lifting method. By directly irradiating the skin, there is no trauma, and it is a wrinkle removal method that can see a significant lifting and tightening effect with only one treatment. It can directly act on the fascia layer of the skin, promote the production of collagen, achieve the rearrangement of improved cells, and achieve the perfect lifting effect on the surface and deep layer of the skin, And will not cause any damage to the skin.

What are the main advantages of ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal

  1. The excellent temperature of 68 ° – 72 ° ensures that it is most suitable for collagen proliferation.
  2. The most accurate patented “positioning index line” can accurately locate the energy landing point.
  3. No anesthesia, no pain, no injury, more comfortable treatment.
  4. Long term firming contour peeling, the effect can last for 3-5 years.
  5. The treatment time is short, about 40 minutes. It is firm and effective immediately after treatment.
  6. A variety of therapeutic probes can act on multiple parts of the skin and tighten the skin everywhere