What are the characteristics of hot ratty hot Maggie compared with line carving ultrasonic knife?

Knowledge point 1 anti-aging principle different line carving mainly embeds absorbable collagen lines in the form of network crisscross under the skin, just like setting up a tent, supporting the whole contour to achieve the effect of wrinkle removal, lifting and filling. Thermomaggie is a kind of RF, which transmits its energy to the skin layer in a large area through the instrument, so as to make collagen proliferate and achieve the effect of skin firming, When radiofrequency wave acts on skin tissue, adipose tissue will be softened, contracted and decomposed after absorbing energy, which can also achieve the purpose of dissolving fat, slimming and shaping. Ultrasonic skin tightening is a high-energy focused sound wave. The energy is concentrated on each point through the instrument and reaches the fascia layer through each layer of the skin (this is the level that can only be affected by traditional skin pulling surgery), Promoting the regeneration of collagen elastic fibers can help solve the problems of skin relaxation, aging, sagging and so on.

Knowledge point 2 the action levels are different. From the action principle, we can see that the skin levels affected by the three are different. Line carving can act on the epidermis and dermis; The depth of the fourth generation thermomaggie treatment can reach 0-4.3mm. It acts on the dermis and selectively heats the fibrous septum of subcutaneous tissue. It has no direct heating effect on fat and muscle, and has a high safety factor; Ultrasonic skin tightening has three in-depth levels: 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm, which can act on the deeper SMAS fascia layer. It is the most in-depth in non-surgical treatment

Knowledge point 3 applicability is different. No matter how good any project is, it will be a waste of money if it doesn’t suit the right medicine. If it doesn’t work well, it may be counterproductive, so it’s very important to find out their applicability before choosing. The line carving focuses on the overall anti-aging. It is applicable to the lines on both sides of the face, sagging cheeks, sagging corners of the eyes, and the improvement of legal lines. In addition, it also has the filling effect. Thermomaggi focuses on firming. It is mainly used for the relaxation and sagging of skin tissue, excessive wrinkles, aging and rough skin, helping to reshape the face curve and effectively improve the relaxation of tissues around the eyes and neck Sagging knowledge point 4 the maintenance time is different, and the line carving will have an effect immediately. The sagging skin will be improved and the face contour will be more compact. After 1 month, the improvement and tightening effect will be more obvious, which can generally last for 3-4 years; After the first treatment, the skin reaches its best state in 3-6 months, which can generally be maintained for more than 1 year; 2-6 months after ultrasonic skin tightening treatment, collagen gradually proliferates and tightens from the skin to the contour, and the effect can be maintained for 2-3 years.

Knowledge point 5 in different recovery periods, the face will be red and swollen after line carving, which will last for about a week. You need more ice and less bow your head; Hot Maggie has no recovery period. When it is just finished, the skin will immediately feel tight, which is a temporary reaction after collagen is heated; Ultrasonic skin tightening, some people will face swelling after finishing, which generally lasts for 1 day and will be relieved on the second day. If the redness and swelling have not been eliminated on the third day, they need to go back to consult a professional doctor in time. Tips: the recovery period after medical and aesthetic treatment will vary according to individual physique. You must follow the doctor’s advice and do a good job of postoperative nursing in order to ensure the treatment effect.

Knowledge point 6 can the three items be done together? Hot Maggie and ultrasonic skin firming are often recommended to be treated together because they have different skin levels, one is heavy firming and the other is heavy lifting. First, use the ultrasonic knife to lift up the relaxation and collapse of the skin, and then use the invisible hands of hot Maggie to smooth and tighten the skin. If there is something with half the effort, then talk about line carving, It is very powerful for the promotion of shallow fat pad and soft tissue, but there is no way to shrink deep soft tissue, so we must combine with photoelectric projects to improve. The combination of line carving + hot Maggie, from shallow to deep, hot Maggie plays the role of foundation and compacts the skin; Line carving is equivalent to steel bar, which plays the role of abundant internal structure. Stimulate the continuous regeneration of collagen and increase skin vitality.

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