Treatment steps of ultrasonic scalpel and the probability of skin burns

Many beauty lovers know that ultrasonic knife is used to beautify skin. If you want to remove wrinkles, fade fine lines and restore skin elasticity, ultrasonic knife is a good choice. So what are the treatment steps of ultrasonic scalpel? Will the ultrasonic knife burn the skin?

Treatment steps of ultrasonic scalpel

  1. Beauty seekers need to remove makeup and clean the face to make the skin clean and refreshing.
  2. The beauty seeker lies on his back on the treatment bed. The doctor cleans and disinfects the face for the beauty seeker again. After thorough cleaning, the doctor applies epidermal anesthetics to the beauty seeker’s face and waits for a period of time.
  3. The doctor draws lines on the face of the beauty seeker, and the doctor designs specific treatment plans according to the specific skin state of the beauty seeker and the treatment of different parts.
  4. doctors apply cold gel to beauty makers to protect the facial skin of those seeking beauty.
  5. The doctor adjusts the equipment parameters according to the line drawing and the skin condition of the beauty seeker, and formulates the sound wave treatment intensity, treatment number and other values.
  6. The doctor shall draw lines according to the treatment plan.
  7. after treatment, beauty can simply cleanse the face, and replenishment mask can be applied if necessary.

Can ultrasonic knife burn skin?

Since the ultrasonic scalpel itself does not act on the epidermis and the epidermis is is not damaged, there is no need for special care after completing the ultrasonic scalpel. Normal cosmetics and skin care products can be used as usual. Ultrasonic scalpel is safe and generally has no complications. Only an individual will have a local allergy like a small rash, but it can recover in two or three days.

For some cases of skin burns caused by ultrasonic scalpels on the Internet, although ultrasonic scalpel beauty may also damage facial nerves in theory, resulting in local bleeding and even scars, this is mainly caused by poor control of operators. It is often seen in beauty salons that operate at high temperature in the same part for many times because they want to achieve immediate results, This situation has not been seen in regular hospitals for the time being.

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