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So what skin symptoms are useful for the effect of tightening, inducing and lifting of ultrasonic knife?

For the small partners with symptoms such as decreased skin elasticity, facial sagging relaxation lines, deepening legal lines, flattening and sagging Apple muscles, fattening and expanding facial contour, double chin and so on, the treatment effect effect result of ultrasonic scalpel is very obvious. In addition to the common face and neck lifting, the “ultrasonic knife” can also be used to tighten the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, chest and hips, etc.

However, doctors and students do not recommend ultrasonic scalpel beauty for children with severe skin infection, nettle rash, scratch mark disease, systemic bleeding sexual disease, and immune sexual disease. (therefore, if you want to do ultrasonic scalpel beauty, you need to know whether your situation is suitable or not in advance).

Let’s introduce the principle of ultrasonic knife to our friends

The ultrasonic scalpel mainly uses the energy of “ultrasound” to make the temperature in the subcutaneous tissue layer reach 60-70 degrees to stimulate the contraction of the fascia layer and produce fibroblast cells to secrete new collagen to tighten the skin, just like large pieces of raw meat become smaller after roasting. In fact, a large part of the reason is protein shrinkage, which is why the skin can be firm.

However, after some partners have done radio wave skin pulling, the skin will have side-effects of skin collapse such as red swelling, dryness, dull, dull and dry pain. This is because generally, people who do ultrasonic scalpels are adults, while the skin moisture content of adults is 15%. In the process of ultrasonic scalpel treatment, the high temperature of 60 or 70 degrees not only volatilizes 10% of the moisture in the skin moisture retaining layer, It also leads to the loss of nutrients in each organizational layer.

Therefore, we need to distribute the nourishment into the true cortex for storage in the way of acmet-a replenishment in advance. At the same time, we can activate the fine cells, repair the damaged moisture retaining layer, activate the self-made water function of the skin, create a “moisture retaining layer reservoir” for the skin, and thus reduce the side-effects after ultrasonic knife.

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