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So how to care after ultrasonic knife cosmetic surgery?

Nursing is a must

Within three months after the completion of the beauty ultrasound knife, it should be used once in the morning and once in the evening. Thirteen grams of acmet-a nutrition should be used exclusively. After three to six months, the amount of acme-a should be used once a day according to the recovery of the skin. (it is worth noting that ordinary collagen is not good, because it does not contain repair factors, so it can not achieve the repair effect)

Nursing seven no

  1. Don’t wash your face with hot water above 36 degrees in a week, but water that doesn’t exceed your body temperature is OK.
  2. Don’t eat spicy food, drink alcohol and color vegetarian food within a week.
  3. Do not use skin care products such as fruit acid and exfoliation within a week.
  4. Do not touch tobacco, wine, soy sauce, spicy food and pickles within one month.
  5. Do not go to high temperature environment (such as sauna, hot spring, yoga, etc.) in January to prevent exposure to the sun.

6, do not apply in a week – mask more than 2 times. (large amount of mask used will cause the circulation of blood and fluid in the new tissue of the skin is not smooth, and the skin will fail to update).

  1. Do not eat collagen products before and after operation to avoid uneven balance of new skin tissue.

Because ultrasonic scalpel cosmetic surgery is the process of stimulating collagen regeneration, the simple service and use of collagen before and after surgery can not be absorbed by the human body, but also cause the balance of new collagen, resulting in abnormal accumulation of collagen in the cortex, resulting in poor skin recovery after ultrasonic scalpel and other problems, such as subcutaneous necrosis, spots Red and swollen and other bad reactions.

Can you sit still after reading the above? However, we still want to remind you that for medical beauty and plastic surgery, remember not to be blindly impulsive. We should start from understanding whether we are suitable for this beauty project and change it under safe and reasonable conditions. That is the natural beauty.

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