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Principle of laser scar removal and its advantages over traditional scar removal

Laser scar removal is a project of laser cosmetology. The effect is very obvious, and it is non-invasive. It does almost no harm to the human body. It is mainly treated with strong pulse light.

Laser scar removal uses compound color light, also known as intense pulsed light (IPL), which is a kind of broad-spectrum visible light with special wavelength. Compared with pulsed laser, it has a softer photothermal effect.

Composite color light scar removal is a new non-invasive skin medical and cosmetic method developed based on composite color light technology. It can comprehensively improve and treat skin surface telangiectasia, various pigment spots, small static wrinkles, large pores, etc. at the same time, it can improve skin texture and restore skin luster, tenderness and elasticity.

Laser is suitable for the treatment of relatively limited sunken scars with an area of less than 20cm, and must be carried out simultaneously with drug injection or radiotherapy. If the scar area is too large, it is difficult to completely epithelize the center of the wound, and sunken scars are easy to recur after treatment.

Generally, 2-3 weeks after the sunken scar, the base of the wound is completely epithelialized and forms a dense fibrous layer. After laser removal of sunken scar, drugs are injected at the base and edge of the wound. Children or those with sunken scar area less than 4cm2 can use 1/3-1/2 dose as appropriate.

Laser scar removal not only has obvious cosmetic effect, but also takes effect very quickly. Under normal circumstances, significant changes can be seen after operation, which can be described as immediate.

Laser scar removal is the most thorough scar repair method at present. It solves the defect that it is difficult for surgery to completely remove large-area scars. Laser scar removal uses high-end beauty technology to achieve a better repair effect, so that beauty lovers who are troubled by scars can regain their beautiful skin.

The traditional scar repair surgery mostly adopts the method of cutting and grinding to eliminate the scar. In fact, the skin is very vulnerable to secondary injury. Laser scar removal is non-invasive beauty. While perfectly treating scars and achieving skin beauty, there is no need to use a knife, which will not hurt the skin and will not leave traces after operation.

In all scar removal methods, laser scar removal is the only painless and effective project, and local anesthesia is not even required in the process.

The laser scar removal technology combines the data theory of skin beauty research, and adds hyperbaric oxygen and light energy polymerization technology in the treatment process, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating scars at one time.

Compared with the traditional mechanical stripping method and grinding method, laser scar removal has a wider scope of application and faster effect. Focusing micro pixel pulse of image beam laser has softer penetration, more uniform and stable energy.

Therefore, there is no discomfort in the process of removing scars, nor will it cause skin damage. It can solve skin problems more carefully and achieve more outstanding results. If it is combined with electric wave skin pulling, nliter laser and other technologies, the effect will be more perfect.