Laser cosmetic technology will continue to be used

Laser was first introduced in 1960. It is a kind of light enhanced by stimulating radiation. Laser has the characteristics of good direction, high brightness and good monochromaticity, and is widely used. In the last decade of the 20th century, with the continuous progress of laser technology, it has been shining in the field of non-invasive or minimally invasive beauty.

Application scope of laser cosmetic technology

Remove various pigments from facial skin, such as melanin (nevus and tattoo) and red pigment (hemangioma);

Remove moles, warts, papules, vegetations, benign tumors and other skin defects;

Permanent removal of excess body hair;

Remove facial wrinkles;

Using laser knife instead of scalpel to carry out fine, minimally invasive and bloodless plastic surgery.

Laser cosmetic efficacy

1、 Pixel laser skinning

Photoaging skin is a manifestation of skin light damage, which is mainly the result of the cumulative effect of long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It is manifested by shallow to deep skin wrinkles, skin relaxation, leather like skin and rough skin texture. When the skin light damage is serious, the skin becomes thin, dry, rough, abnormal skin pigment, telangiectasia and increased skin fragility can be seen.

Skin light damage is usually most obvious in the periorbital, perioral, nasolabial groove and brow areas.

After treatment, it will not affect work and make-up, and the skin will be white, tender and elastic in the unconscious process.

2、 Compound color light freckle removing

Compound color light skin rejuvenation to remove color spots breaks through the traditional single head color light technology and opens up a new seven head color light beauty technology. The seven optical heads for complex color light skin rejuvenation and stain removal are seven light source generators, including the latest five kinds of aft color light, and two kinds of Q-switch and long pulse lasers. They work together with the target tissue of the skin to remove color spots and blood filaments, stimulate the proliferation of collagen, enhance the hydrophilicity of the skin, improve the elasticity of the skin, and make the stain, whitening and skin rejuvenation one-stop. It only takes 15-20 minutes to remove freckles, color spots, age spots, sunshine spots, leukoplakia, eyebrow tattoos, Eyeliner lines and tattoos in a single treatment. Compound color light can soften skin and remove color spots, effectively solving your problems. Let you quickly have charming young skin.

Laser is mainly used in beauty technology. It realizes the function of beauty through the interaction with tissue. According to the medium, it can be divided into solid laser, gas laser, liquid laser and semiconductor laser. Lasers have different colors of light, each of which has different effects