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How to distinguish true from false with ultrasonic scalpel and what to avoid before operation

Ultrasonic scalpel is an effective way to eliminate wrinkles, lift the skin and restore the youthful luster of the skin. The effect of ultrasonic scalpel is still worth trying, especially for those with serious skin sagging. How can ultrasonic scalpel distinguish the authenticity?

How to distinguish true from false with ultrasonic knife

  1. The log identification of genuine ulthera ultrasonic knife is different from that of fake ultrasonic knife.
  2. The power interface of genuine ultrasonic knife is on the left and the button is on the right. In addition, the traffic light button of the real ultrasonic knife is flat and not convex, and the button is concave when pressed. The fake button is protruding.
  3. The genuine operation interface is multi-dimensional three-dimensional face imaging, with clear image quality and symmetrical color. The pirated ultrasound knife on the right has a useless soft keyboard.

Here to remind friends who want to do beauty, in addition to recognizing the genuine ultrasonic knife instrument, we should also carefully investigate and identify the qualifications of beauty institutions.

Pay attention to avoid wire embedding and lifting before making ultrasonic knife

Do not bury the wire for 6-12 months before the ultrasonic knife, otherwise there will be the risk of scald. This is because the ultrasonic knife converts sound waves into heat energy and heats the skin from inside to outside to improve the facial lines. But 6-12 months ago, if the wire embedding promotion was made, the wire material in the skin was not completely degraded by the body, so the wire embedding was not done before the ultrasonic knife.

Pay attention to avoid photoelectric therapy before making ultrasonic knife

Do not do invasive and non-invasive photoelectric therapy before ultrasonic scalpel. Do not do invasive and non-invasive photoelectric therapy, such as dot matrix laser, within 3 months before ultrasonic scalpel treatment. Photon rejuvenation, white porcelain doll, etc. This is because both noninvasive and invasive photoelectric therapy will make the subcutaneous tissues and cells affected by the laser. If you make another ultrasonic knife, the ultrasonic wave of the ultrasonic knife is bound to bring secondary damage to the skin. It is generally recommended that the ultrasonic knife should be separated from other photoelectric therapy by 4 months.

Avoid autologous fat filling before ultrasonic scalpel

Within 3 months before ultrasonic scalpel treatment, do not fill with autologous fat, so as not to destroy the fat and affect the survival rate of fat. People who have done ultrasonic scalpel know that the principle of ultrasonic scalpel works by converting sound waves into heat energy. The ultrasonic conversion of ultrasonic scalpel into heat energy will heat the subcutaneous fascia tissue to about 70 degrees. If the part filled with autologous fat is the same as that of ultrasonic scalpel, then the ultrasonic scalpel will heat the subcutaneous tissue and dissolve the filled fat.

Avoid using acid skin care products and ointment before making ultrasonic knife

Do not use acid (if acid, salicylic acid, etc.) ointment or maintenance products one week before operation, because acid skin care products will affect the pH level of the face. In addition, acid skin care products and ointments are easy to thin the stratum corneum, inhibit the secretion of sebum, and increase the impact of side effects such as redness, swelling and swelling after ultrasonic knife.

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