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How often can the ultrasonic knife be done? Can it be done many times?

How often do the ultrasonic knife? Some people think that if the ultrasonic knife can’t be done well at one time, it can be done for the second time and the third time until they are satisfied. And there are fake or household ultrasonic scalpels to do according to the course of treatment, several times as a course of treatment. Because it didn’t work once, everyone wanted to do it more times. In fact, the effect of ultrasonic knife is not the superposition of times, let alone the more you do, the better. The bearing capacity of the skin is limited. Repeated doing can only make the skin full of holes, and even lead to serious consequences. Everyone has only one face, so you should choose carefully.

Many people feel that the ultrasonic knife is non-invasive and non-invasive. In fact, the ultrasonic knife causes certain stimulation and trauma to the skin through selective thermal effect, and then uses the repair of the skin to achieve the effect of skin beautification. The recovery period after ultrasonic scalpel is generally three months, and it takes six months to fully recover. The effect of ultrasonic scalpel also appears slowly during this period, but it can not fully guarantee the ideal effect after recovery. Therefore, if you want to make a choice in the short term, you need to make a second ultrasonic knife after June or longer to completely restore your skin to health. If you can’t recover from the previous trauma, it’s useless to do it again in the future.

And at present, most informal places. If you casually go into an informal place to ask, people may tell you to do it once a week or two. Others will say that the number of ultrasonic scalpels will be different at different ages, and the number will be different at different parts. But the ultrasonic knife propaganda is

Once, the effect will last for about 2 years. Why do you want to do the second time?? In the end, does the ultrasonic knife have any effect on beauty, does the ultrasonic knife have risks and side effects, and how to care after the ultrasonic knife.

Generally, regular places and ultrasonic knife instruments are selected. The effect of ultrasonic knife once can be maintained for about 2 years. Moreover, if the post repair care is appropriate, some people can last longer. We should also have a rational attitude towards the beauty of ultrasonic knife. We should compare its effect vertically rather than horizontally. Everyone has different foundation and the effect of ultrasonic knife may be different. Therefore, we should not always compare with others. People are more popular than the dead. We should compare with ourselves before.

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