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How much is the procedure and price of neck wrinkle removal with ultrasonic knife

If the wrinkles on the neck are too obvious, it will seriously affect the skin and personal state. What are the methods to eliminate wrinkles? What are the specific steps of neck wrinkle removal with ultrasonic knife? How much is the price of ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal?

The specific steps of neck wrinkle removal with ultrasonic knife are as follows:

  1. Before using ultrasonic scalpel to remove wrinkles and beautify the neck, clean the skin and clean the treatment area;
  2. The doctor will accurately locate your wrinkles according to the distribution and depth of your wrinkles and your skin type;
  3. Start the neck wrinkle removal treatment with ultrasonic scalpel. There will be a slight feeling of heat during the treatment, but there will be no pain. The whole treatment process takes about 40 minutes, and you can go after it. There is no recovery period, and it does not affect your work and life.

How much does ultrasonic scalpel usually cost? Which factors are generally related to?

  1. The treatment site affects the price

Ultrasonic scalpel skin tightening can treat neck wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, corner of the eye wrinkles and corner of the mouth wrinkles and so on. The charges for skin tightening with ultrasonic scalpel are different in different treatment parts. The price of whole body and part is also different.

  1. Therapists influence prices

Ultrasonic scalpel skin tightening has high technical requirements for doctors, and people without professional training can’t operate it. The price of treatment by experts is higher than that of ordinary doctors.

  1. Plastic surgery hospitals affect prices

Each plastic surgery hospital has its own charging standard, and skin tightening with ultrasonic knife is no exception.

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