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Function of super pulse CO2 laser cosmetology instrument

The ultra pulse CO2 laser (cosmetic) treatment machine is a CO2 laser treatment machine that can output ultra pulse laser. Its working principle, basic structure and performance are similar to those of ordinary CO2 laser therapy machines.

In order to facilitate clinical use, in addition to outputting ultra pulse laser, the ultra pulse CO2 laser (beauty) treatment machine is also compatible with all functions of ordinary CO2 laser treatment machine. It is a multi-functional CO2 laser treatment equipment.

The ultra pulse CO2 laser (beauty) treatment machine also has the following features:

It can output pulse laser with high energy and high repetition rate, which can meet the operation requirements of “laser selective photothermal effect”, and can quickly and effectively remove pathological target tissue, minimize the damage of laser to normal tissue, and greatly improve the accuracy and safety of medical cosmetic clinical treatment.

Clinical practice has proved that the laser power used by the pulse laser is much lower than that of the continuous laser in the same operation, so the tissue reaction caused by the laser operation is light, the damage to the surrounding tissues is small, the cure time is shortened, the smoke produced during the treatment is less, the field of vision is clear, and the harm to the clinicians is reduced.

In order to obtain as fine a focusing spot as possible, the output laser beam mode of the super pulse CO2 laser is usually better than that of the ordinary CO2 laser. The best choice is to choose a CO2 laser with basic transverse mode.

In order to obtain a better output mode of CO2 laser, the discharge tube of CO2 laser should have a small inner diameter, and the inner wall should have strict concentricity and perpendicularity.

In order to ensure the need of high energy and high pulse laser output, the CO2 laser is required to have the characteristics of fast laser recovery in the structural design. For example, the laser cavity components should be made of vacuum materials with better resistance to electric shock and not easy to evaporate. At the same time, the quantity and proportion of laser gas and auxiliary gas shall be strictly controlled during the process.

The shape and structure of the laser treatment machine should have a more humanized design, be more harmonious with the surrounding environment, and be more convenient and safe to use.

The ultra pulse CO2 laser (beauty) treatment machine has the common features of CO2 laser scalpel:

Longer output wavelength (10.6 μ m) , high photoelectric conversion efficiency, large output power, and a large power density can be formed after focusing, showing a sharp “knife edge”.

CO2 laser has simple structure, mature technology, low cost, reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, which is conducive to popularization and application.

Compared with other laser scalpels, CO2 laser scalpel has stronger cutting force, larger tissue absorption coefficient, smaller tissue penetration depth (about 0.23mm), less injury to arteries and blood vessels during operation, and also has the function of hemostasis and sealing blood vessels. It is especially suitable for fine surgery of medical cosmetology. It also has the advantages of clear operation field and less cross infection.