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Four advantages of laser cosmetology in modern medical treatment

Laser cosmetology has four major advantages. Compared with traditional surgery, laser cosmetology does not require openings and is non-invasive. Laser instruments are advanced high-tech, which do little harm to our human body. At the same time, laser cosmetology is simple and takes less time.

Laser is a kind of monochromatic light with high energy, accurate focusing and certain penetrating power, which acts on human tissues and generates high heat locally, so as to achieve the purpose of removing or destroying target tissues. Pulse lasers of various wavelengths can treat various vascular skin diseases and chromatosis.

In recent years, some new laser instruments, such as high-energy ultra pulse CO2 laser and erbium laser, have achieved good results in wrinkle removal, skin grinding and skin changing, snoring treatment, tooth whitening, etc., opening up more and more broad fields for laser surgery.

Laser surgery has incomparable advantages over traditional surgery. First of all, laser surgery does not require hospitalization, with small incision, no bleeding during operation, light trauma and no scar.

For example, the traditional surgical method for the treatment of eye bags has some disadvantages, such as wide peeling range, more bleeding during operation, slow postoperative healing, easy to form scars, etc. the high-energy ultra pulse CO2 laser is used to treat eye bags.

It has the advantages of no bleeding during operation, no suture, no impact on normal work, light edema at the operation site, fast recovery and no scar, which makes traditional surgery incomparable. However, some endoscopic operations that cannot be performed due to excessive bleeding can be performed by laser cutting instead.

Laser is effective in the treatment of vascular skin diseases and pigmentation. The use of pulsed dye laser in the treatment of port wine stain is effective, with little damage to the surrounding tissues and almost no scar.

Its emergence has become a revolution in the history of treatment of port wine stain, because in the history of treatment of port wine stain, the incidence of scar is high by radiation, freezing, electrocautery, surgery and other methods, and depigmentation or pigmentation often occurs.

Laser treatment of vascular dermatosis is to use oxyhemoglobin to selectively absorb a certain wavelength of laser, resulting in high damage to vascular tissue. It is highly accurate and safe, and will not affect the surrounding adjacent tissues. Therefore, laser treatment of telangiectasia is also effective.

Laser surgery has ushered in a new era of medical cosmetology. High energy ultra pulse CO2 laser dermabrasion and skin replacement has opened up a new technology in cosmetic surgery.

By changing the focusing characteristics of the laser, the laser spot becomes a spot. Using the pattern generator, the scanning galvanometer is driven to scan the spot according to a certain pattern, and high heat is generated in an instant, resulting in the effects from shallow to deep on the skin, which are gasification, irreversible heat damage and heating area.

These effects can be used to remove the target tissue within the scanning range. The scanning mode of graphics is divided into sequential scanning and random scanning. The intensity, density, shape and size of each spot are controlled by computer.

Thus, the depth of target tissue removal can be accurately controlled to achieve the purpose of treatment. The functions of laser skin changing include skin gasification and stimulating the synthesis of new collagen.