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Effect analysis and brief introduction of laser lipolysis

There are many methods for fat dissolving and weight loss, mainly including injection fat dissolving, as well as our more traditional weight loss method, liposuction. Of course, there are more novel methods. Pulse laser fat dissolving is a new weight-loss technology, mainly because it is simple and fast.

The puncture needle with a diameter of 1.5mm is inserted into the skin fat layer through the skin, and the 0.4mm optical fiber is inserted into the fat layer through the puncture needle for surgery, so as to dissolve the fat in the body. If it is necessary to draw out the excess oil juice, draw out the optical fiber and suck out the oil juice, so as to achieve an obvious slimming effect.

Laser lipolysis is suitable for those who are relatively normal in weight, but locally obese and disproportionate. These local fat accumulations do not respond to weight loss and physical exercise.

Liposuction is also suitable for patients with moderate obesity and skin laxity. For obese patients with flaccid skin, it is feasible to remove flaccid skin while liposuction, so as to achieve better surgical effect.

Laser lipolysis and slimming surgery is a kind of fat removal surgery combining laser technology and injection technology. The difference between laser lipolysis and slimming surgery and general liposuction surgery is that it has less trauma. Laser irradiation is used to achieve the ultimate goal of fat removal. Therefore, laser lipolysis and slimming therapy is very safe.

Laser fat dissolving and slimming is especially suitable for the waist and abdomen with obvious fat accumulation. The nd:yag pulse laser fat dissolving and slimming treatment is also characterized by fast recovery.

Laser lipolysis and slimming can resume normal work and life within a few days after the treatment, which is impossible for liposuction surgery, so it will not disturb the original plans.

It is applied to the abdomen, waist, legs and hips, and is especially suitable for small local fine parts with thin fat layer such as arms, face and neck, which are very difficult to reduce fat by other means.

That is to say, if you are worried about your fat face, as long as you accept the “laser fat dissolving”, the excess oil juice can disappear without trace under the normal metabolism of the human body (if more oil juice is produced in the waist and abdomen, it needs to be extracted), so that you who love beauty can fulfill your long cherished wish and truly “lose weight wherever you shine”.

Laser lipolysis has an amazing pure fat rate of up to 90%, which allows you to dissolve more fat at one time to ensure an ideal liposuction effect.

Laser fat dissolving its unique fat liquid liquefies the fat in an all-round way. While dissolving the fat, it dissolves the dissolved fat out of the body, significantly increasing the discharge of pure fat.

Compared with the traditional liposuction surgery, the laser lipolysis is performed by evenly sweeping the laser energy from one part to another. The operation area and the non-surgical area are gentle and excessive to avoid unevenness. The skin is smooth, tight and not loose.

In addition, the laser used in the laser lipolysis only acts on the set fat layer, which not only does not damage the surface skin, but also accelerates the self-healing of skin elastic fibers and stimulates the proliferation of collagen, so that the skin that has absorbed fat remains firm, smooth and flat.

Compared with liposuction and laser lipolysis, we found that the effect of laser lipolysis is much better, and there is almost no trauma of laser lipolysis, so many of us are willing to accept it.