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Does ultrasonic scalpel affect pregnancy? Which groups are not suitable

To keep your skin young, you need to care carefully. Many people will choose ultrasonic knife for surgery to restore skin vitality. What is the effect? Do ultrasonic scalpels affect pregnancy? What are the people who are not suitable for ultrasonic knife?

Beauty principle of ultrasonic knife

The principle and process of ultrasonic knife is to use a special sound wave conductor to transmit the high-energy ultrasonic wave released from the skin surface to the bottom of the skin. Then the ultrasonic wave will vibrate back and forth between the target cells at a high speed, and the skin cells will be damaged with the temperature rise. Then the skin cells will repair themselves better by relying on the repair ability, It can lift the skin as a whole.

Does ultrasonic scalpel affect pregnancy

Making an ultrasound knife affects pregnancy, because the ultrasound knife will destroy subcutaneous skin cells and accelerate the apoptosis of old cells. The ultrasound knife forces the body to produce new cells to replace old cells. Therefore, the skin resistance of the newly completed ultrasound knife is also relatively weak, and pregnancy has high requirements for personal health level, so as to achieve eugenics and good parenthood. If you get ready for pregnancy immediately after ultrasonic scalpel, it is likely to affect the health of the fetus in the future. If beauty lovers finish the ultrasound knife, the impact will last for 6 months, and the cell reconstruction will be completed after 6 months. Therefore, it is not recommended to prepare for pregnancy for 6 months after completing the ultrasound knife.

People who are not suitable for ultrasonic knife

In addition to pregnant women, there are many people who can not do ultrasonic scalpels. People with little skin fat and too much skin fat, people over the age of 70, and people with acne (acne) on their faces. Ultrasonic scalpels for patients with heart disease will not have any obvious effect. There are great risks for some patients with heart disease and people with acne to do ultrasonic scalpels. Because the skin of people with thin face is thin, the fascia can easily support the facial tissue. If the old people stimulate the fascia with an ultrasonic knife again, the water content and collagen content of the new cells will not increase, and it will take longer for the old people to recover with an ultrasonic knife. Therefore, it is better for these people not to do an ultrasonic knife.

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