Vivace RF Microneedle Firming Machine

Do you understand the ultrasonic knife that makes you stand out?

1、 Appellation

Ultrasonic knife, fully known as HIFU focused ultrasonic wave skin, also known as ulthera extreme acoustic wave skin, also known as ultrasonic knife and Haifu knife.

Note: ulthera is a brand of ultrasonic knife and an American enterprise; HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) is a high intensity focused ultrasound technology.

2、 Introduction

Ultrasonic scalpel is the most advanced anti-aging and anti-aging instrument in the world. Using the principle of high-energy focusing of sound waves, ultrasonic heat energy is directly transmitted to the SMAS fascia layer to induce deep collagen regeneration. One treatment can achieve anti-aging effects such as lifting, tightening, wrinkle removal and shaping, and the effect lasts for 3-5 years.

3、 Efficacy and advantages

Ultrasonic knife can really realize the magical effect of “returning to 20 years old in 60 minutes”! It can be realized only once: lifting, tightening, wrinkle removal, shaping, elasticity, tenderness, luster and nature.

Advantages of ultrasonic knife:

The world’s latest anti aging crown, imported from the United States.

The butterfly changes at the speed of light in 1 hour, which takes effect in January and lasts for 3-5 years.

The world’s only direct skin beautifying equipment for SMAS fascia layer, which is layered and compact from muscle to skin.

The new high-energy acoustic focusing technology can accurately stimulate the regeneration of collagen elastic fibers.

No surgery, no surgery, no redness, no swelling, no recovery period, real “lunch beauty”.

4、 Action principle

Based on the principle of high-energy focusing of sound waves, focus the energy on one point (1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm), quickly penetrate the epidermis, fat layer and fascia layer (SMAs), form a network of condensation points in the fascia layer, stimulate the contraction and tightening of muscle tissue and the regeneration of Collagen Elastic fibers, so as to achieve the purpose of lifting and tightening layers by layers. There is no operation, no operation, and generally no redness and swelling, There is no recovery period and does not affect life. It is called “lunch beauty”.

5、 Comparison of ultrasonic knife, hot Maggie and electric wave skin pulling

6、 Related theory

  1. In vivo experiment
  2. Changes of collagen at different temperatures

7、 Treatment process

Each of the three processes takes 20 minutes, and the whole treatment process takes about 1 hour.

8、 Possible side effects and Solutions

9、 Frequently asked questions and answers

Q1. Does it hurt during ultrasonic knife operation?

Generally, there is no pain, but the pain will be different according to the individual constitution, use position and sensory personality. Generally, it is a slight tingling, which can be tolerated by most people. For individuals who are particularly sensitive to pain, epidermal anesthesia can be carried out.

Q2. How many pain symptoms do you have after treatment?

It will vary according to the individual’s constitution and use parts. It will feel a little low fever and a little tingling. There is generally no pain in the fleshy parts, but there will be a slight tingling in the parts close to the bones, such as the forehead and head.

Q3. How long is the duration of comprehensive treatment?

Each of the three probes needs to act for 20 minutes, and the total process is about 1 hour.

Q4. When does the effect begin?

The skin firming effect takes effect immediately after use. After 2-3 weeks of use, the skin slowly begins to be elastic. The obvious effect can appear after 1 month of use. The effect is maximized after 2 months of use and basically shaped after 6 months.

Q5. How long can the effect last?

Generally speaking, one treatment can maintain the effect for 3-5 years, but in order to ensure the continuity, stability and ideality of the effect, it is best to treat once a year to truly turn back time.

Q6. Is the ultrasonic knife safe?

Ultrasonic focusing technology has been developed since the 1940s and commercial since the early 1990s. It is widely used in medical video examination and treatment, and has been recognized by CE (European Union), FDA (United States, China) and other institutions. At present, more than 100000 cases have been carried out in China, which has proved to be absolutely safe and effective.

Q7. Who is not suitable for ultrasonic scalpel?

Those with heart disease, heart bypass surgery, pacemakers, implanted steel plates, uterine fibroids, pregnant women, etc. At the same time, if you have received any filling injection, catgut embedding or surgical treatment, please inform your doctor.

Q8. What are the precautions after treatment?

1) Slight redness and edema after treatment are normal and can usually be relieved within a few hours after treatment.

2) After treatment, please use cold water and mild cleaning products to clean the treatment area. If the skin is still red, please avoid touching hot water to avoid irritation until the redness is relieved.

3) Do not perform any exfoliation in the treatment area for at least one week after treatment; Do not exfoliate in case of sensitivity until the sensitivity is relieved.

4) Makeup can be applied immediately after treatment (mineral makeup is preferred).

5) use a soothing, non irritating cream or skin care product after treatment.

6) If you need to go out to contact the sun, please use SPF 30 and above sunscreen to avoid sun damage.

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