Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic knife for removing legal lines

There are two main causes of legal lines. One is caused by skin aging and the loss of collagen and water in the skin. This kind of legal lines can be alleviated and removed by ultrasonic knife. Another kind of statutory tattoo belongs to the statutory tattoo caused by rich expression. This type of statutory tattoo can not get greater relief by using ultrasonic knife beauty. Girls do less exaggerated expressions and become a quiet beauty fairy.

The beauty project of ultrasonic knife has been popular in coastal cities in recent two years. Because of its strong anti wrinkle and anti-aging results, ultrasonic knife has been loved by many smooth beauty lovers. So how about ultrasonic knife to remove the legal mark?

Advantages of ultrasonic knife for removing wrinkles

  1. Compared with other anti-aging instruments, ultrasonic scalpel has a deep level of diagnosis and treatment, and the results of Anti Wrinkle remain for a long time.
  2. In addition to relieving the wrinkle problem on the face, ultrasonic scalpel can alleviate a variety of aging problems of the body: relaxation, wrinkles, obesity and so on.

Ultrasonic knife to remove striation

Disadvantages of ultrasonic knife in removing wrinkles

  1. The price is expensive, and the result is not permanent, so the cost performance is not high. The result of ultrasonic knife can be maintained for 8 years, and can only be maintained for at least 3 years.
  2. Ultrasonic scalpel can only alleviate the aging legal lines caused by age factors, but there is no obvious alleviating effect on the legal lines caused by rich expression.
  3. With the ultrasonic knife to remove the legal lines, the skin may have temporary redness, tingling and numbness. 3. There are many counterfeit ultrasonic knife instruments with poor quality. In addition, in case of improper operation, the patient may face the risk of burns and scalds.