Jordishape Slimming Machine

Compared with the advantages of line carving ultrasonic knife hot ratty hot Maggie?

The beauty of HIFU is realized by special instruments and equipment. This instrument can gather ultrasonic waves into countless points. These points form high-energy treatment points through the conversion of sound waves and heat energy. It has super penetration. When it acts on the skin, it changes from point to surface to a depth of about 1.6-4.5mm under the skin (and deeper), and directly tighten the loose fascia layer, At the same time, it stimulates the regeneration and reorganization of collagen in the dermis, so as to drive away aging problems such as skin wrinkles and relaxation. Moreover, the project is a non-invasive treatment and will not leave any wounds on the skin surface.

Line carving can promote local tissue microcirculation, strengthen the ability of cell regeneration and tissue repair, fill the skin with water, moisturize and brighten the overall skin color, and improve pigment precipitation.

Ppdo line goes deep into the dermis, branches as cell growth scaffolds, stimulates collagen regeneration and elastic fiber reorganization, regenerates connective tissue scaffolds, so as to provide lasting support. At the same time, the skin restores elasticity, moisturizes and compacts, and fine lines fade and disappear.

Ppdo line is used to build a three-dimensional network to support the collapsed subcutaneous tissue as a whole, promote subcutaneous blood circulation and make the skin ruddy and shiny. Firmly grasp the root of skin relaxation: the SMAS fascia layer is tightened from the deep layer, so that the skin can be fully lifted, folded and restored to the original young position. At the same time, the effect is natural and the epidermal skin is not tight. By inserting PDO line as artificial ligament, the problem of relaxation of the original ligament is solved, and the elasticity is gradually enhanced with the growth of time. The main trunk of PDO line lifts the SMAS layer, and the branches homeopathic fix the muscle layer together for lifting and resetting, so as to rejuvenate the whole.

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