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Characteristics and wrinkle removal effect of thermomaggie and ultrasonic knife

Hot Maggie and ultrasonic knife are good ways to remove wrinkles and lift the skin, so in dealing with wrinkles, is hot Maggie good or ultrasonic knife good? What are the characteristics of ultrasonic knife and hot Maggie?

Hot Maggie or ultrasonic knife?

Hot Maggie uses RF energy with vibrating epidermal cooling technology to heat the deep layer of dermis and accumulate energy to promote the contraction of dermal collagen and promote regeneration, so as to tighten the excessively loose skin.

Hot Maggie can be used not only for facial anti-aging, but also for body shaping. Its main anti-aging functions are: shrinking pores, removing fine lines around eyes, removing nasolabial groove, removing double chin, removing neck lines, slimming face and tightening the whole face; Dispel stretch marks, postpartum repair, dispel butterfly sleeves, lift buttocks, close waist, thigh shaping, calf shaping, etc.

Hot Maggie uses RF energy with vibrating epidermal cooling technology. By heating the deep layer of dermis and accumulating energy, it can promote the contraction of dermal collagen and promote regeneration, which has a strong effect on tightening and relaxing skin.

The small areas rich in nerves that can not be involved by the therapeutic ultrasound knife can “revive” the subcutaneous collagen that has long stopped growing from the outside to the inside, resulting in reverse growth. Thermomaggie and ultrasonic scalpel can resist aging, remove wrinkles and tighten skin. Combined, they can perfectly resist aging and have better effect.

The ultrasonic scalpel emits focused ultrasonic energy and acts on the SMAS fascia layer that can only be achieved by surgery in a non-invasive way, stimulating collagen regeneration and reorganization, deep lifting and tightening the contour.

The main anti-aging effect of ultrasonic scalpel is deep lifting, and its lifting effect is equivalent to that of surgical skin pulling. One time ultrasonic scalpel treatment can improve skin elasticity and tighten facial contour; Lift and tighten the cheek skin; Eliminate neck wrinkles and prevent neck aging; Improve chin lines, reduce puppet lines, and make facial expressions natural and flexible; Tighten the skin tissue on the forehead and improve the eyebrow line; Improve skin quality and make skin delicate, moist, elastic and shiny.

The ultrasonic scalpel uses the safe ultrasonic energy that has been used in medical treatment for many years. The ultrasonic energy is compressed and amplified by focusing technology to form a new energy that can go directly to the deep fascia layer to lift and resist aging.

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