Can you still remove wrinkles with an ultrasonic knife after acne

In recent years, in view of the relaxation and sagging of facial aging, the ultrasonic knife has a new solution. The ultrasonic knife adopts focused ultrasonic energy and directly acts on the 4.55mm SMAS fascia layer, which can tighten the skin, remove wrinkles and improve the facial contour. So, can you still make an ultrasonic knife after acne?

Can you still remove wrinkles with an ultrasonic knife after acne

Can acne be used as an ultrasonic knife

Ultrasonic scalpel is a non-invasive and traceless lifting equipment, which can act on the 4.5mm SMAS fascia layer under the skin. The heating temperature can reach 65 ~ 70 ℃, which is a good temperature for collagen regeneration. Ultrasonic scalpel has a very good effect on wrinkle removal and skin firming. People with acne can’t do ultrasonic scalpel, especially patients with severe acne. In addition, those with skin lesions, infection, inflammation or lesions at the treatment site can only do ultrasonic scalpel after treatment.

What are the conditions that are not suitable for making ultrasonic knife

  1. A person equipped with a pacemaker or other similar electronic device.

2, patients with hypertension, diabetes and pregnant women can not make ultrasonic scalpel.

  1. Patients with systemic immunity or those taking anticoagulant drugs for a long time cannot do it.
  2. If the surgical wound is not healed, the ultrasonic scalpel cannot be made.

Due to the deeper level of ultrasonic knife treatment, it is necessary to avoid nerve rich areas, especially the eyes and temples. In addition, although the temperature of the ultrasonic knife is high, the energy directly sweeps over the epidermis during treatment, which will not cause damage to the epidermis.